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"Postcards from….Klosters - Inside tracks in the snow" - Financial Times - 17th November 2012

"A ski holiday fit for Royalty" - The Times Saturday - 20th October 2012

"Klosters: A ski holiday fit for a king" - Saturday Telegraph - 18th January 2012

"Ski Heroes" - Ski & Board Magazine

"Rub ski jackets with the rich and famous" - The Independent on Sunday - 12th January 2014


pt ski


Since we launched 4 years ago we have been thrilled by all the kind and wonderful feedback we have received from guests. Here is a selection:




Having travelled extensively and utilised many ski operators over the years, I can unequivocally state that PT Ski has provided the best service of all by far, bar none, on any continent. The team could not have been more gracious, more engaging and more helpful. They are a credit to the PT Ski organisation and deserve a thunderous thank you. We were absolutely smitten with Klosters, partly because of its ambiance, but largely because of their efforts. In a segment of the tour/trip industry where service, as opposed to location, is often the real differentiator, PT Ski delivered in spades.  Anyone considering a ski holiday in the Alps would be crazy not to book PT Ski immediately.

Gunner Burkhart 




We simply have never been so well cared for on a skiing holiday, or any holiday for that matter. 

Juliet D





It's so rare in this day and age to be truly surprised by a new venture. So often there is too much hype and so little substance but I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I was at your over-deliverance to what I was expecting. Loved Klosters; loved the fact that it is a family biz. Thought your reps were out of the premier league, loved the attention to detail and the guidance of where we should eat and go to and the fact that everything was completely hassle-free and relaxed. In short it is a winning formula!     

Tim Eliot-Cohen




We all had the most fantastic holiday and want to thank your excellent team for introducing the boys to skiing (they enjoyed everything about Klosters), gently easing me back in and in general looking after us so well.  I think you have the perfect balance of making sure we were as well looked after as possible without crowding.

Božana Rawlinson








Everyone representing PT Ski was absolutely delightful and committed to above and beyond service.  If only you could run the rest of the world. 

Victoria C


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